SnivDesign who we are?


Who is SnivDesign?

Well We are all about Branding and making a place where a clients design needs are met with accuracy. 

call it a whole package deal:

1)New or improved image:

creating or updating a logo to fit todays fast track world of design. as well as Branding the whole concept of who is the client what are the design needs: colors, images. Building the perfect image for a new or old company that needs a lift.

2)web design: since it’s the same company in charge all your web design needs will be met.

if it’s a custom design for your company; websites, banners and Facebook pages a digital solution to a technological world.

3)company design pamphlets and brochures

4)advertizing design and concept ideas

5)special edition SnivDesign t-shirts (can order custom design for company)

6)product packaging

7)office paper work (letters-cards-invites and more..)

A perfect integration between design and needs.

One place under one company!

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NEW site coming out soon

keep you posted….

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